Yeonsik Min


Solo Exhibitions

2023.2 “Falls in My Dreams” New York Gala Art Center

2022.5 “The fragrance of light" Gallery Jeong

2021.8 "Black Mountain" gong Gallery

2021.5 "Meditation" The Untitled Void Gallery

2021.2 "Holy Mountain" Seoul Asan Hospital Gallery

2020.12 "Falls in my Dreams" Kyungmin Museum of art

2020.7 “The Delicate fragrance of korean ink" gong Gallery

2018.9 “The Sound of Silence Gallery Gabi Gallery

2017.5 "tween" Index Gallery

2016.Bonniness of decisive monent" Gabi Gallery

2015 "The Delicate fragrance of korean ink" Jang Eunson Gallery

2014 "Sound of silent tree" Ryugaheon Gallery

2013 "contemplate" Jang Eunson Gallery

Group Exhibitions

2.023.2 “Sound of Spring” Shatto Gallery LA

2022.2 "drawing" Gallery Index

2021.6 Gallery noon

2020. "with winter" Gallery Index

2019.7 Gallery Index

2019.2 "The beauty of Korea" Gallery Index

2018.7 “Private Garden" Gallery Index

2017 "non Common of common sense"깸 Arisoo Gallery

2017 Korean Culture Training Center

2015 Korean Cultural Center, Japan

2015 at Korean Cultural Center Shanghai & Beijing, China

2014 "Analogue" at Ar Contemporanea New York

2014 "non Common of common sense" Ryugaheon Gally

Art Fair

2023.2 LA Art Show

2023.1 Art Palm Beach contemporary

2022.9 Korea International Art Fair SETEC

2021.10 Korea International Art Fair COEX

2020.9 Korea International Art Fair COEX

2019.9 Korea International Art Fair COEX

2018.3 Seoul Korea Galleries Art Fair COEX



2017.9 Photograph Collection "The Sound of Silence"


Permanent Exhibition

Korean Cultural Center, Shanghai China