Mejung You

Korean (Born 1969)

graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, specializing in Korean Painting, at Jeonju Universit


Solo Exhibitions

2023 Yun Art Studio Solo Exhibition

2022 Yun Art Gallery Year-End Solo Exhibition

2022 Changui Moon Garden Solo Exhibition

2022 Gallery Bella Solo Exhibition

2021 Blossom Gallery Solo Exhibition

2021 Invitation Exhibition at Nanum Gallery Blue

2020 HyeHwa Art Center Planned Solo Exhibition, Hall 1/Hall 2

2019 Planned Invitation Exhibition at Air Force Education Command

2019 Invitation Exhibition at G&U Book Cafe Gallery

2019 Invitation Exhibition at Sacheon Library

2019 Invitation Exhibition at Berlin Art Museum

2019 Invitation Exhibition at Itda Space

2018 Invitation Exhibition at Military High Court

2018 Invitation Exhibition at Gallery Du

2018 Invitation Exhibition at HanGaram Art Gallery

2017 Individual Exhibition at Insadong Art World

2016 Individual Exhibition at Seocho-dong Gyu Young Gallery

2015 Exhibition Planning at Damjang Beside Gukhwa Flower Hannam Branch


Booth Solo Exhibitions

2013 Korea Art Expo Booth Solo Exhibition in Turkey Istanbul

Istanbul Municipal Art Museum 2013 SMAF Seoul Contemporary Art Festa Booth Solo Exhibition

Arts Center-HanGaram Art Museum 2nd floor


Art Fairs

2023 MOAF Moonrae Art Fair - Moonrae-dong Moonrae Forest Road

2023 KINTEX - Korea Art Fair

2023 Yun Art Gallery - Coming Art Fair

2022 Incheon Asia Art Show

2022 Seoae-ro Art Market

2022 Bank Art Fair - InterContinental COEX

2022 Art Festa Seoul - Seoul Trade Exhibition Center

2022 Daegu Raum Art Fair - Daegu Grand Hotel

2022 HyeHwa Art Center Gift Fair

2022 Busan Front of Art Fair

2022 Ace Art Fair - Insa Art Plaza

2021 Incheon Asia Art Show

2019 Seoul Art Show - COEX

2018 ACAS Hong Kong Art Show

Hong Kong Conrad Hotel 2018 AHAF Seoul

Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas 2018 Hees Art Fair

Imperial Palace Hotel 2018 With Art Fair

Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas 2017 AHAF Seoul

Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas


Group Exhibitions

2023 Yun Art Gallery - "Cheongchuraram Yumijung Shrine Exhibition"

2023 Gallery Ease - "Emotional Time 8 Artists Exhibition"

2022 Sun Art Space - "Something Precious"

2022 Bada-ri Itda Space Small Art Museum - "Bada-ri Itta Small Art Museum Opening Exhibition"

2022 Seoae-ro Art Market - "Empty Gallery"

2022 Hoho Art Fair - "Collaboration House Dosan"

2022 May Special Invitation Exhibition - Naamoon Gallery Blue

2022 Big Tree Gallery - "Sentiment of Time 3 Artists Exhibition"

2022 Moon Byung-Kwon Sculpture Exhibition Companion - Gallery Arte Me

2022 Sentiment of Time 3 Artists Exhibition - Big Tree Gallery

2021 Public Art Project "People + Wood {Rest}" - Itda Space

2021 MCM Small Objects Exhibition - Sanchon Gallery

2021 Happiness Harmony Naamoon Gallery Blue Special Invitation Exhibition - Naamoon Gallery Blue

2021 Mapo Art Association Regular Exhibition - Pale Blue Gallery

2021 Korea Art Center Opening Commemorative Exhibition - Korea Art Center

2021 Sodamhan Gift Exhibition - HyeHwa Art Center 

2020 New Year's Gift Exhibition - Insa Art Plaza Gallery

2019 Sodamhan Gift Exhibition - HyeHwa Art Center

2019 "Roots, Stems, and Leaves" Exhibition - Art World Itda Space

2019 Inspiration E'ternelle 2019 ROUEN Return Exhibition - HyeHwa Art Center

2019 Inspiration E'ternelle 2019 ROUEN - Rouen, France 

2019 Mapo Art Association Regular Exhibition - Insa Art Plaza

2018 Christmas Gift Exhibition - Mapo Art Center

2018 Mal Museum Baekinbaekma Special Exhibition - Korean Horse Racing Authority Mal Museum

 2016 Cheongdam-dong Animal Exhibition - Cheongdam-dong Gallery Du

2015 Women Artists Member Exhibition - Japan

2015 Korea-Vietnam Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

2014 Korea-Australia Contemporary Art Festival - Mary Place Gallery

2014 Contemporary Art Small Picture Festival - Insadong Global Gallery

2014 Global Art Gallery Opening Commemorative Invitation Exhibition

2013 Women Artists Association - Insa Art Plaza

2013 National Veterans Cultural and Art Association Women Artists Exhibition - Yeongcheon Art Studio

2013 Korea-China International Contemporary Art Exhibition - China Zhengzhou Art Museum

2012 Korea-China Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition - Seoul Museum of Art-Gyeonghuigung Annex

2012 Beijing 798 International Art Festival - Beijing 798 ART ZONE 

2012 Taiwan International Women Artists Member Exhibition - Taiwan National Culture and Education Center

2012 USA Hawaii Korea Contemporary Art Festival - HOTEL WAILILI (Lehua Ballroom)

2011 Korea-Turkey International Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition - International Contemporary Art Museum (Turkey Ankara Germodele)



Winner at the Korea Fine Arts Exhibition

 Winner at the Mokwoo Art Competition

Winner at the Korea Women's Art Exhibition

Winner at the Gyeonggi Art Exhibition

Winner of more than 10 other awards



Published the book "Meeting Myself on the Winding Path"